Bayrak International on BRT2


Hi my name is Can Gazi and I  was born in London in 1971. My parents had moved from Can Gazi courtesy of Heidi Trautmann sml faceCyprus to the UK in 1963. After graduating from Greenwich University with a degree in Applied Biology my family and I decided to return to our homeland in Cyprus and in 1994 settled back on the island for good. After a few weeks of training and later completing my obligatory one month military service, I officially began my radio career with Bayrak Radio and Television Corporation in February 1995 with the English language radio channel Bayrak International.

Today I have a studio based TV show “A Cup of Conversation” as well as  still presenting various programmes on Bayrak International. I am most fond DJ Fatoş Baykalof my “Northern Exposure” show which he has been co-hosting every evening of the working week since September 1996 with fellow DJ Fatoş Baykal. The programme is all about North Cyprus, its history, geography and culture. But most of all it’s about promoting local events (art, culture, social & charity) and informs listeners as to what’s happening on the island.

Please read more of me, BRT and and our activities by clicking here.

For those local readers here in Northern Cyprus who have interesting lives or projects, do please send me an email on  bayrakinterbrt2@yahoo.com or call me on  0542 854 6517 and we will see if we can arrange for you to visit us here at BRTK studios for an interview.


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